Beginner Lessons

Our beginner lessons are once a week; focusing on basic horsemanship and beginner riding techniques and arena work.

Novice Lessons
Our novice lessons are twice a week; focusing
on more advanced horsemanship, flat work, and entry level jumping

Intermediate Lessons & Advanced lessons
Our Intermediate and advanced lessons are focused on upper level flat work and  jumping. At this level, riders practice at a higher level using more advanced techniques. This rider commits to a minimum of three lessons a week in addition to one practice session. At the intermediate level riders are required to commit to a half lease. The advanced  level riders are required to commit to owning their own horse or having a full lease. Attending rated and local schooling along with appropriate clinics is recommended.

Individual Lesson Prices
The following prices include the use of a Westside Stables lesson horse:
  • Private $75
  • Group (4 riders max) ​$55
LESSON Packages (group)
These lessons are based on days per week and billed monthly. These rates are for those who do not own or lease a horse and are riding a lesson horse provided by Westside Stables. 
  • One Day/Week: $200
    • Includes 4 lessons per month.
    • 1 scheduled day per week.
    • Mainly poles/x-rails
  • Two Days/Week: $360
    • Includes 8 lessons per month.
    • 2 scheduled days per week.
    • One day flatwork/poles, one day jumping

Leasing a school horse
Clients that have partial leases on school horses have rights to the horse during lessons and shows. Leases cover partial boarding costs, use of the horse, all tack and equipment, routine vet care, shoeing,  and medication. Partial leases are billed monthly.
  • 1/3 Lease: $475
    • ​Includes 8 lessons per month.
    • 2 scheduled days per week.
    • One day flatwork/poles, one day jumping.
  • Partial Lease: $650
    • ​Includes 8 lessons per month.
    • 2 scheduled days per week.
    • One day flatwork/poles, one day jumping, plus one supervised practice ride.

Lesson Time-  1 hr. for 3-4 people, 45 min. for 2 people, 30 min. for 1 person. Depending on what we are working on lessons may run slightly longer. Please do not rush the learning process. We also appreciate if you allow 30 minutes before and after you lessons for grooming and cleaning up after your horse and yourself.
  All lessons must be prepaid.

Camp location:

 16254 Mt Olive Pl Hillsboro, OR 97123

 360-624-0658 Cell

Mail registration and payment to:

15625 SW Feldspar way Beaverton, OR 97007

 $450.00 PER CAMP WEEK

Monday through Friday from 10am to 3pm

June 26th - 30, July 10th - 14th,
July 24th - 28th, and
August 14th - 18th


We offer wonderful horsemanship camps during Spring Break and the summer months. These camps are filled with lots of horse related activities, riding lessons and trail rides. Our  week long summer camps always ends with a show day to share all they have learned with their families.
 Please call to check availability, mail in registration, medical information sheet and deposit to guarantee you child a spot.


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